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Cuteness at Pier 1


I am always excited to decorate for my favorite season, Autumn.  I took a trip to Pier 1 last week and was overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness of many items.  I was in need of new wine glasses, so I figured why not buy the ones with adorable animals on them.  I love all animals, but foxes are one of my favorites.  I couldn’t resist bringing the little guy above home.  He looks like he was frolicking in a pile of leaves.  Each item was under $10, so these were affordable options for sprucing up my home.  Many of the items in “The Critter Crew” collection are on sale, so I would recommend checking them out soon.

My fox is not available online, but he has a big brother (and a friend) available here:


The wine glasses are sold here:






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