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Finally organizing my shoes

Shoe ottoman


I am in the process of overhauling my bedroom into the restful, peaceful and organized space that I need it to be.  It is a large, sometimes overwhelming job, but the results so far are very satisfactory.  My sleep feels more restful and it is easier to find what I am looking for.

My shoes have needed to be organized for years.  I used an over-the-door organizer for a while, but anything larger than a ballet flat didn’t fit in it well.  There were leftover pairs of shoes that still created an unsightly mess.  I gave that up and stored my shoes under my bed, some of them in their boxes and some loose.  The loose shoes were dusty and the shoes in boxes would often slide out of reach.  My knees and I hated this.

For a person that wears flip-flops, slippers or Uggs most of the time, I had way too many pairs of shoes.  I donated or threw away old, worn shoes and shoes I know I would never wear.  This left with me with a reasonable number of pairs of shoes, but they still needed to be organized.

I am always browsing websites and spotted a shoe ottoman around a year ago.  It was gorgeous, sophisticated and more expensive than I liked at around $300.  I thought of it when I began my room overhaul, but I was still not willing to pay that much.  I turned to Amazon and found the perfect option.  Except for my four pairs of boots and two pairs of flip-flops that  I wear all the time, all of my shoes fit into this shoe ottoman.  I am in love.  The ottoman can also be used as a table or for extra seating.  I fully recommend getting one (or two) of these.

shoe ottoman - open

My ottoman is sold here.

Here are a few other options.





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