7 Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween

Need some entertainment while waiting on Trick or Treaters?  Enjoy scary movies?  These are some of the movies that have genuinely scared me / creeped me out over the years, including one I still cannot bring myself to re-watch.

All these movies are available to rent or buy through Amazon video.  It is noted if they are available somewhere else.

  1. Scream (1996) – This is one of my favorite movies, period.  In the late 1990’s, I watched this movie at least once a month.  It’s scary, funny and clever at the same time.  The cast features some of my favorites, including Drew Barrymore and Neve Campbell.  This movie inspired a resurgence of teen horror movies, including multiple Scream sequels. ScreamImage:
  2. The Craft (1996) – What happens when the misfits have magical powers?  First, it’s fun, until it’s not. This movie is worth watching for the fashion alone.  When the movie takes a dark turn, it does get a little scary.  Some people cannot handle being powerful (literally).  This is also available on Netflix.The CraftImage:
  3. I Am Legend (2007) – I saw this one in theaters without really knowing what it was about, besides it being a Will Smith movie.  The original TV commercial did not show those post-human things.  I heard someone say it was scary, but brushed it off until I was in the theater.  Someone in the audience voiced what everyone else was probably thinking, “What the hell are those?”  I won’t give away the whole story for anyone who has not seen it, but most humans have mutated into this these terrifying things that have lost their humanity.   I had nightmares for a while after watching this, but I still enjoyed this movie.  Will Smith pretty much carries this whole movie, since he is the only human most of the time.  Also available on Cinemax.I am legendImage:
  4. Pet Sematary (1989) – This movie scared me so much when I was a little girl that I was afraid of my cats for a while.  I definitely slept with a nightlight after this one.  I was spooked enough  that I still cringe when I see it is on TV (and then I quickly change the channel).  I cannot tell you if this movie looks dated or is not so scary anymore because I still cannot bring myself to watch it again.  Also available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.Pet SemataryImage:
  5. Dial M for Murder (1954) – What would a list of scary movies be without Alfred Hitchcock?  This movie features the beautiful Grace Kelly and Ray Milland playing the villain so well that you wonder if he was pure evil in real life.  This movie is suspenseful, not gory, but it will have you wondering what is going on the minds of those closest to you.Dial m for murderImage:
  6. Laura (1944) – This is another of those who can you trust movies.  I won’t give away too many details because the surprises are some of the best parts of this movie.  Laura was murdered in her apartment, now an obsessed detective must figure out who is responsible for the crime.  Gene Tierney plays the title character and is the personification of elegance.  Also available on FilmStruck.LauraImage:
  7. The Lost Boys (1987) – I’ve been obsessed with this movie since I first watched it.  Yes, it is scary at times, but it is also a fun movie.  It’s vampires meets MTV.  I always want to watch it multiple times.  Plus, I love the cast including Kiefer Sutherland, both Coreys (Haim and Feldman) and Jason Patric.  It does get a little gross around the climax, so put the candy bowl down around that time.  Otherwise, this movie is classic 1980’s entertainment.lost boysImage:

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