My $400 Fall Wardrobe Refresh

It finally feels cold enough to start wearing my fall wardrobe.  Technically, I didn’t need any new clothes.  My closet is is full, even after I donated / sold tons of clothes and accessories.  In my defense, I didn’t realize how many clothes I actually have.  I pack my out of season clothes away and I definitely had a couple more storage bags than I realized.  My weakness is anything cozy.   I still could use a pair of booties, but I might be able to do without them.

My style has changed a lot over the last year and these items are more reflective of who I am now.  I spaced these purchases out over the last few months (I started fall shopping in July) to make these buys more budget friendly.  I also bought almost everything on sale, except for the dress from Ruche.

  • The Essential Classic Velvet Slip Dress from Ruche.  – $26.00  This doesn’t photograph well, but this dress is so cute in person.  It is also very soft and comfortable, requirements for my clothes even when I am leaving the house.  I wore this to the Bruno Mars concert at the end of September (more on that soon).  It wasn’t too warm while I was inside and kept me cozy while outside.  Plus, this dress doesn’t look like it was $26.00.

Ruche Dress

  • Bobeau Velvet Slip Dress from Nordstrom Rack. – $32.97  Yes, I love slip dresses.  I think it dates back to being a teenager in the 1990’s.  I’m actually wearing this one today.  It is as comfortable as sitting around in my pajamas, but way better looking.


  • Chelsea28 Tulle Back Sweater from Nordstrom Rack – $34.97 and Marks and Spencer skirt (similar) – $32.00  I purchased these two items separately, but once I saw them together I knew they made the perfect outfit.  I imagine wearing this when I need to impress someone.  I will wear a camisole under the sweater.  I purchased the sweater during the Nordstrom anniversary sale (my favorite sale of the year!) and the skirt at the end of the summer, so I have been waiting awhile for the proper weather in which to wear these.

Chelsea28 Tulle Back Sweater & Marks & Spencer Skirt

  • Spanx Textured Panel Leggings from Zulily – $39.99 and Lea & Viola Solid Legging (similar) – $24.99  I wear leggings all the time in fall and winter because I don’t like it when my legs are cold.  I like these because they add warmth and style at the same time.

Spanx Leggings & Lea & Viola Solid Legging

  • ModCloth Fox Faces Pullover Sweater – $54.99  First, this sweater was on sale when I bought it, so it is worth it to wait around for a coupon.  I mentioned before how much I love foxes, so I could not resist this.  This sweater does run small.  I had to get a replacement that was two sizes larger than my normal size.  My normal size looked like it could fit my cat.

ModCloth Fox Sweater

  • Free People Candyland Pullover from Rue La La – $24.99 – This sweater is so fun and I can layer it over dresses, wear it with jeans, pair it with skirts, etc.  It’s not available in this color combo anymore, but I do like the other color option.

Free People Candyland Sweater

  • Marks & Spencer Jeans (similar) – $49.95  Unfortunately, these cute jeans are sold out.  I don’t wear jeans that often, but I adore these.

Marks & Spencer jeans

  • LC Trendz Women’s White Eyelashes & Biting Lip Fitted Tee (similar) from Zulily –  $19.76 and I Got Your Back Graphic T-Shirt from ModCloth – $29.99  I have way too many graphic t-shirts, but I always find myself adding to my collection.  I purchased the ModCloth t-shirt on sale, so it is worth waiting for a sale again.


  • Embroidered This Girl Loves Weekends Sweat Top from Next- $43.00  I love all my purchases, but this is my favorite.  This was on sale on Columbus Day, so I paid less for it.  I will probably wear this every weekend, as long as the weather allows.

Embroidered This Girl Loves Weekends Sweat Top



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