A poem – Week Four


I didn’t have a chance to make a post last week, so I will post two poems this week.  The second poem will be published on Saturday.

My teenage years were rocky at times, so I often spent hours daydreaming about how I thought my life should be.  This poem, written on June 2, 1995, is a tribute to my very active imagination.




I imagine all the things I’m good at

I imagine the things I can do

I use my imagination so much

I don’t know the difference

Between the false and the true

I imagine how I look

And how many friends I have

My imagination is like a book

The stories change

But reality stays the same

My imagination is driving me insane

I imagine all the things I have

I imagine how I am

I imagine what I wish to be

Never imagine what I really am

The key to my imagination

Must never be found

If so I will be let down

My imagination won’t work again

I must admit

My imagination is my best friend.



© 2018  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.



2 thoughts on “A poem – Week Four

  1. Thanks, Sister. A few of my dreams did come true, but my dreams have changed so much since then. I’m learning to dream bigger. I know now that I could have dreamed of having 3 kittens, instead of just one. 😉


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