A poem – Week Four – Part Two

pexels-photo-196664.jpegSince it is almost Valentine’s Day, I decided to post a poem about love.  This one, written on July 10, 1995, is about love that has turned into obsession.  Luckily, this one is not based on experience.


Crazy Love

A smile comes on my face

Every time I see the face

That no one can take its place

Every time I see him

I must grab a hold

I’ve become a little crazy

As I’ve been told.

My hands shake

When you’re not by my side

None of this is fake

When I lay at night

Unable to go to sleep

Because you are out of reach

I need you and

You know it’s true

Whenever you’re away

Everything is blue

When I can’t feel his kiss

That I miss

I scream and hiss

Because of the pain in my heart

And the crazy love

That is keeping me in the dark

When he puts his arms around me

I can’t tell you

I feel so much glee

Every time I see him

I must grab a hold

I’ve become a little crazed

As I’ve been told.


© 2018  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.




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