A Poem – Week Seven

pexels-photo-326055.jpegThis poem is about dark feelings ranging from having the blues to being suicidal.  It was written on July 8, 1997.  This poem is not autobiographical, but based on the struggles I observed in someone while wishing for a solution to their agony.  I was only a teenager when I wrote this, so I did not have a full understanding of depression.  If you or someone you know needs to talk, please use the number below.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



There Will Come Soft Rains

When the sun is too bright

And the light hurts your eyes

There is no need to worry

And no need to cry

There will come soft rains

To make you feel better

And to wash away the pain.

When you’re in need of love

And there’s no one around

Things will look up

There’s no need to be down

There will come soft rains

To give much needed love

And wash away your pain.

When you’re feeling worthless

And you’re about to say goodbye

Think about what you’re doing

And give life another try

There will come soft rains

To give you back your joy

And gently take away the pain.


© 2018  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.



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