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My newest TV obsession is a show about obsession

you tv show

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I haven’t been very interested in television shows since the end of two of my favorites ever, Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf.  You, which comes on the Lifetime channel Sundays at 10 p.m. (EST), caught my eye the moment I started seeing the commercials (I may have been watching excessive Lifetime movies).  First, I spotted two of my favorite people, Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) and John Stamos (Full House and Scream Queens).  Next, the show had critics praising it before it aired.  Also, the show seemed like a creepy, fun time, which it has turned out to be.

Joe (Penn Badgley) falls head over heels in obsession (not love) with Beck (Elizabeth Lail) the moment he meets her in the bookstore where he works.  He begins stalking her, both digitally and in person until he worms his way into her life.  Beck seems innocent, but her character is a lot more complicated than that.  Joe takes major steps (I am not exaggerating here) to ensure that he is the only man in Beck’s life.  As of the third episode, their relationship has already fizzled and I am sure Joe has a plan to get her back (or give her the Benji special.  You have to watch to know what I mean).

This show is well acted and just fun to watch.  It will make you laugh and cringe in the same episode. It is also available to watch on the Lifetime app.


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