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Latest Addition To My Favorite Movie List – To All The Boys I Loved Before

I have always loved teen movies.  My adoration started when I was a little girl watching any movie that starred Molly Ringwald, especially Sixteen Candles and For Keeps.  Some of the teen movies that were released when I was a teenager are still my favorites, including Clueless and Can’t Hardly Wait.  I still love teen movies.  There is something so fun and invigorating about them, plus they usually feature adorable fashions.  It’s been awhile since I have loved a movie this much, but I am utterly in love with To All The Boys I Loved Before.  I have already watched it three times (maybe more) since its release in August.

  • Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are perfect as the leads (Lara Jean and Peter) and they have the cutest chemistry. There is also a strong supporting cast, especially Anna Cathcart as Lara Jean’s plucky little sister, Kitty.  It also features one of my personal favorites, Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars.
  • I actually liked the movie more than the book. I am at a disadvantage because I read the book after I saw the movie.  The movie characters are more likable, and the plot flows better than it did in the book, especially considering how abruptly the book ended.  (Book review coming soon.)
  • I loved the fact that the main character is a minority. Often in these teen movies, the minority characters are side kicks or background characters at best.  A good story is universal and can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • The focus wasn’t just on the boys. Lara Jean’s family was an important part of her journey as well her battle against the fears that were holding her back in life.
  • Lara Jean’s outfits are the perfect combination of 1990’s retro and current style. I wouldn’t copy any of the outfits directly, but Lara Jean can definitely serve as style inspiration.


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