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The Magical Doris Day

Doris Day & Cary Grant - That Touch of MinkDoris Day was magical and her singing voice was enchanting.  One of my favorite movie scenes is when she sings “Que Sera Sera” in The Man Who Knew Too Much to let her kidnapped son know she is near.

Doris Day was well known for her comedies, with good reason.  Her chemistry with Rock Hudson is legendary in movies such as Pillow Talk.  I cannot think of another comedy pairing that is as fun to watch as Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  She was funny and charming in That Touch of Mink with Cary Grant.  She pulls off a sweet innocence that would be cloying with anyone else, but it always seemed like a natural fit for her.  Of course, there were the musicals.  I recently watched The Pajama Game for the first time and I wondered why it took me so long to watch it.

Doris Day was more than her movies, as great as they were.  She was an animal rights activist and denounced wearing fur back in the 1970’s.  She showed the public one of its first glimpses of the AIDS epidemic when she featured her friend, Rock Hudson on her talk show.

Doris Day lived a long life and created a body of work that will remembered for years to come.  I will still mourn one of my favorite movie stars and one of the few left from the classic movie era.


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