Recipe: Skillet Lasagna

I have food allergies, so I have to make a lot of my favorite foods from scratch.  I don’t have the patience to make “real” lasagna, so I found ideas from a few recipes online the first time I made skillet lasagna.  The next two times I made it, I just winged it.  This recipe is meant to be easy and use whatever ingredients that I have on hand, so it is a little different each time I make it.  This fills a large skillet.  This will probably feed a family of four or one Garfield.

Prep Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Suggested Ingredients

  1. Pasta (The shape doesn’t matter.  I’ve used multiple kinds.)
  2. 2 Cans of Tomato Paste or Tomato Sauce
  3. Cheese (I have used feta, cheddar and mozzarella.  Any kind of cheese you like will work here.)
  4. Vegetables (Onions, peppers, mushrooms and green onions all work here.  I have also used fresh tomatoes.)
  5. Salt (to taste)
  6. Basil and Oregano (preferably fresh, but dried works)



  1. Saute the heartier vegetables in the skillet, such as the peppers, onions and mushrooms over medium heat.

Heartier Veggies

2. Add other vegetables to the skillet once the heartier veggies are almost done.

All veggies

3. Once all veggies are cooked, add the tomato sauce or tomato paste to the skillet.  If you use tomato paste, add water until the paste is at its desired consistency.  Add seasoning and/or fresh herbs.  Heat veggies and tomato sauce/paste until they start to bubble.


4. Add uncooked pasta to the skillet.  Add more water if your sauce is too thick.  Stir carefully.  (Don’t spill this all over the stove like I did.) Cook pasta until it is at desired texture, while stirring occasionally.  I personally like my pasta to be a little tender.

Add uncooked pasta

5. Sprinkle cheese on top of everything.  I pretty much cover mine with cheese.  Turn down the heat and keep an eye on the skillet as the cheese melts.

Sprinkle cheese on top

6. Enjoy!

Finished skillet lasagna


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