My #WCW – Missy Elliott

As an aficionado of R&B music in the 1990’s, I was a fan of Missy Elliott before most people knew who she was.  She was a member of the singing group, Sista, who promised to be the female answer to Jodeci.  In 1994, their single “Brand New” was released and I played that song so much I’m surprised the tape didn’t break.  At least one more song from Sista was released, “It’s Alright” from the Dangerous Minds soundtrack.  (Yes, I still have the tape.  I still have the “Brand New” single somewhere in my closet as well.)  Sista didn’t reach the success level that I thought they should have but that was not the end of Missy’s career. She worked behind the scenes with other artists such as Aaliyah and 702 until it was time for her breakthrough solo moment.

In 1997, Missy released the video for “The Rain,” which was unlike any other video out there at the time.  Who could forget her outfit made from trash bags?  Each of her following videos continued to creativity stretch our thoughts on what a music video could be and sometimes blow our minds a little bit (“Get Ur Freak On”).

Missy’s career has already been longer than most female rappers (and most rappers in general).  She continues to create visually stunning videos, such as the recently released “Throw It Back.”  And if you any doubts about her, please see her performance at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.  It was a reminder of both her amazing career and undeniable talent.



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