How I Plan My Wardrobe

Recently, I have found it to be very helpful to have my ideal wardrobe visually presented in a way that I can not only reference for later, but also see how the potential pieces work together.  It helps me to notice a few things about the fashions I like.

Fashion vision board 2
  1. Is there a pattern?  This year, I noticed a lot of pink and blue.  Those have consistently been two of my favorite colors.  I also noticed pieces that are casual, yet polished.  I am not the type to wear sweatpants outside the house, so I know the pieces I am looking at fit my personal style.
  2. Is there anything that stands out? It didn’t happen this time, but if anything stands out too much from the other pieces, it probably means it doesn’t fit my style and would be something that just hangs in my closet.
  3. What is the overall look I am going for?  I am leaning towards classic, but pretty.  I used to like more glamorous clothes, but now they feel too flashy.

Fashion Vision Board 3

So, is it worth it to visually lay out your potential wardrobe?  Here are some benefits:

  1.  If you don’t have a particular style or your style is shifting, this is way to figure out what you actually like.
  2. This helps you see if there is too much repetition in your choices.  It’s better to notice before you shop, not when you see 10 different versions of the same sweater hanging in your closet.  If you are a cartoon character, maybe the same outfit everyday works for you.  Most people prefer variety.
  3. Are these popular designs that could be found in a variety of stores or online shops?  I love Boden, but I can’t afford all the Boden clothes that I like.  (Seriously, I love 75% of all the clothes in Boden’s catalogs.) I pick the clothes / accessories to buy that are distinctly Boden-style and find cheaper, similar styles at other stores.  I also use ideas from these vision boards if I don’t particular like the color or fabric of one piece, so that I can look for a similar item.

So, if you see the benefits, here’s how to prepare a style vision board.

  1. Gather a variety of magazines and catalogs.  Tear out any images that speak to you.
  2. Trim and glue all the pictures onto paper.  Sometimes I use one giant sheet of paper, but this time I used several pages of my sketchbook.
  3. You can make it pretty.  These actually look cute hanging in or near your closet.  They can also serve as outfit inspiration.
  4. Make it fun.  This shouldn’t be a chore.  Play some music, have a snack or invite friends or family to join you.

If the whole paper and glue party isn’t for you,  I also use Pinterest.  I have a secret board for dreaming and planning.  I can add and delete items, plus they are conveniently stored in one place.

How do you plan your wardrobe?

Pinterest fashion vision board

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