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Book Review # 2 – Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

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I always feel bad when I write an unfavorable book review, like I did for The Upside of Falling.  So to balance the scales, I decided to write a review for a book I did enjoy: Emergency Contact.

Penny is an awkward girl that mostly lives in her own world.  I completely relate to that.  She escapes her town and her mother, who she doesn’t relate to or understand, in order to attend college.  She is immediately taken under the wing of her roommate and tolerated by her roommate’s best friend.  While visiting a coffee house with them, she meets Sam.

Sam is a bit of a mess and he is aware of it.  He is estranged from his mother and recently dumped by girlfriend, who he has not gotten over (mostly because she keeps popping back in his life).  He doesn’t have any close relationships, until the day Penny comforts him while he has a panic attack.  They become each other’s “emergency contact,” which in their case means they are supposed to check on each other and talk through their problems.  So begins a friendship.

Penny and Sam’s relationship mostly develops through text messages.  I did find the formatting of the texts to be a little awkward.  It is realistic that they mostly text each other in the time we live in.

This book was funny and fresh, where it didn’t remind me too much of other books I’ve already read.  I would recommend giving it a try.


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