A New Poem

I started this poem a few weeks ago, but it felt most pressing to finish it this week.  It’s about the recent loss of a loved one.


The Days I Miss You The Most

The days I miss you the most

When the sun shines

And when the rain pours

When surrounded by people

And when I’m all alone

While walking city streets

And down country roads.

During the busy day

And through the quiet nights

Whether it’s a holiday

Or it’s a regular day

If I’m floating in the water

Or soaring through the sky

Some days I miss you the most.

As I remember a moment

Forget detail I cannot recall

As I stare at your picture

Or when I try to forget

Times when I’m distracted

Or when the focus is you

Everyday I miss you the most.

© 2020  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.


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