Two Poems

I posted these two poems last week, but it looks like they were lost in the shuffle.

This one is by Anonymous.


I wish that I could fly

To deliver a Valentine

To the other side

Figure out how to share

Love with one who’s no longer here

I think of you and send you love

And believe it will reach you there

You’ll always be my Valentine

Even though you’re not here.

I wrote this one.


Messy, dirty, unpredictable

Painful, prickly, complicated

Glowing, sweet, delicious

Unbreakable, unforgettable love.
Lonely, shattering, isolating

Fracturing, devastating, ruining

Ecstatic, wonderful, honeyed

Astonishing, brilliant love.

For the writers out there, what do you find is the most difficult topic to write about?



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