A Poem – Week Twenty-Six

Another clean-up, another poem found. This one was written on April 24, 1996. It features one of my favorite words at the time: wack.


I knew reality would come to me

I knew someday I’d have to face facts

But I never knew it would be so wack

Knew you didn’t belong to me

That you were only in my fantasy

Then, let me dream

I never knew

The real world could be so mean

In fantasy, everyone is super fine

In reality, there are none of this kind

In fantasy, everyday is like a kiss

In reality, everything is a diss

Everything is wack

I hope fantasy will take me back

In fantasy, there’s sunshine

And peaceful rainy days

In reality…

It’s nothing but pain

If this is reality

Then fantasy take me back

I never knew reality

Would be so wack.

Random question: what was your favorite slang word when you were a teenager?

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.


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