A Poem – Week Thirty-Nine

My dramatic teenage self makes her epic return to her fainting couch in this poem from 1997. I think she might also have a widow’s watch.

The One That I Loved, The One That I Lost

My heart is broken…

Tears won’t stop falling

The pain is too deep

You were the one I loved

You were the one I lost

Everything seemed perfect

Then you went away

Without a final goodbye

So I sit here and cry

You told me we were forever

But darling you lied

So I sit here and cry

You used to say…

I love you everyday

You used to make me feel happy

You cheered me up

Everyday a kiss or a hug

Everyday your special love

You let our love die

So I sit here and cry

To the one I loved,

To the one I lost

I still love you

In my mind we’re together

In my heart I know

You couldn’t make it forever

I will keep my pain inside

The one I loved and lost

On the inside I will always cry.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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