🧓🏾🥩Flashback Friday- The terrible thing I said at my Grandma’s wake🧓🏾🥩

Trigger warnings: death and a funeral

In last week’s post, I mentioned a trip to my mother’s hometown for her mother’s funeral. I was only 3 and a half and didn’t understand death at all. (By the way, saying that someone who is deceased is sleeping is downright creepy.) I guess it was a sign that I shouldn’t go to the services after one of my Mary Jane shoes disappeared. My mother took me to the wake anyway.

My mother took my sister and I up to the open casket. She asked if we wanted to kiss our grandmother goodbye. My sister refused, but I agreed. My mother picked me up and I planted a big kiss on my grandmother’s cheek. I got the weirdest salty/sweet taste in my mouth. I blurted out (loudly), “Grandma tastes like ham.” Everyone in earshot started laughing. My oldest brother was upset that people were laughing at his grandmother’s wake. What can you do when someone says something like that, especially a tiny, little girl? I probably startled a laugh out of them.

I didn’t go to the funeral, so there were no further grandma tasting antics. Also, when we got back home, my missing shoe was laying on the bed in plain view. Somehow, I kept eating ham for years after that (but I don’t anymore).

Finally, I’m sorry, Grandma.

Caring and sharing time: Does anyone else have a story about their situationally inappropriate childhood antics?

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