A Poem – Week Forty-Three

This poem, written on July 25, 1996, is about the inevitability of change.

Everything Changes

Grey skies turn blue

And all of a sudden

Love is no longer true

Best friends are strangers

And where things were safe

There is now danger

People tend to grow apart

Sunshine comes through

Mending a broken heart

The continued cycle of the moon

And there is happiness

Where there used to be gloom

Foes become friends

And an everlasting love

Out of the blue ends

Green grass turns brown

And a forever friend

Is no longer around

As the seasons change

Everything is different

Nothing stays the same

Just as the world spins

And life is finally normal

They tend to change again

Everything must change

Flowers bloom. Children grow.

Nothing stays the same.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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