🍟Flashback Friday – Fries over guys🍟

One recurring misconception about me is that I have a crush on french fries or that french fries are my boyfriend. Yes, I love french fries. I enjoy the salty crunch of a nicely cooked fry, but I don’t want to date them. It’s weird that I have to say that.

The first time I was accused of loving french fries, instead of a person was during a school trip the summer after eighth grade. The group of girls I was with were talking about their various crushes and boyfriends. The conversation went something this, “I love this person and she loves this person and you love this person and Karen…” They all looked at me eating a giant container of cheese fries. “Karen loves french fries.”

This happened to me at least twice more with different groups of people. For some reason whenever relationships are being discussed, I am eating french fries. Once again, I don’t want to date french fries, I just want to eat them.

Question: What is your favorite food and do you love that food more than people?


2 thoughts on “🍟Flashback Friday – Fries over guys🍟

  1. I seriously dated caramel fraps for a while. We had to break up, however, due to my dairy allergy. Those were some of the best years. Sometimes, I creep on their social profiles, just to see who their with now. It was a delicious relationship, and totally worth the heartbreak.

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