🤬Flashback Friday – 6-year old potty mouth🤬

Do you remember the character on Tiny Toons, Foulmouth? He was a rooster that used language that had to be beeped out of the cartoon. When I was six, I was a lot like that rooster, without the benefit of censors. After my father’s death, I rebelled against his strict parenting. I decided to use all the words I knew I wasn’t supposed to use. I picked the words up from movies and the people around me. My mother let me watch anything I wanted to watch and I wonder if she ever regretted that.

I remember one of the first times I used a forbidden word. My sister and I were playing outside and I called her a b*tch. Of course, she immediately told our mother. Instead of accepting my punishment, I ran around outside and refused to let anyone catch me. I kept up using foul language until I no longer got a thrill out of shocking people and being bad (at least in that way).

Question of the week: What did you get in trouble for the most when you were a child?

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