💃🏾Flashback Friday – I’ll Never Dance Again💃🏾

I mentioned before that I was a dramatic teenager. I have to admit that I was also a dramatic child. Growing up, one of my favorite activities was dancing. I never had lessons, beyond one summer of tap, so I was mostly self-taught. I particularly loved trying to imitate Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and Madonna.

One day, I was leaping and spinning in the room I shared with my sister like I was an extra on the TV show Fame, when I slipped and fell hard. I blame the red knee-high socks* (I was almost always wearing a pair of these socks, even when they didn’t match.) I had on, as well as the weird linoleum-like floors, not my secret ambition to be a professional dancer. As I lay on the floor embarrassed and humiliated, my sister laughed at me. I declared, “I’ll never dance again!”

I didn’t dance for a while after that, but my love for it drove me back to it. I’ve always had a way of coming back to the things I love, no matter what I’ve gone through.

*The socks are shown in the featured image. I was in performer mode and think I was supposed to be a clown.

Question: What was one of your most memorable embarrassing moments of your childhood?

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