A Poem – Week Fifty

This poem was written on July 18, 1997. It’s about immaturity. I don’t really remember why I wrote this, but it echoes some of the same thoughts reflected in my book, Asleep and Dreaming.

Aging in the Land of the Young

When do people grow up

And move on with their lives?

Even many years later

People seem the same

As if they will never grow up

As if they will never change.

I’ve changed a lot

Over these many years.

I grew up and expanded.

I got over many fears.

Others still obsess over clothes

And over their petty looks.

They talk about money

As if it were the most important book.

What about love

And life beyond twenty-six?

Forget about people’s flaws

And stop throwing sticks.

I’m aging in the land of the young.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

My latest poetry book, Asleep and Dreaming is now available in paperback form, as well as ebook form.


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