A Poem #1

So as of last week, I posted a year’s worth of poems. I decided to start a new group this week. This poem was written around 1993. I tried to make hanging out in my basement with my cats sound poetic. 😺 This is from the era when I first started writing poetry seriously.

Secret Garden

I escape to it each and every day

My Secret Garden

It’s not really a garden

It’s a basement you see

But it’s really important to me

It helps me to create all my hopes and dreams

My secret garden relaxes me

And helps me a lot

It cools me down when everything is sticky & hot

My secret garden

Rests me when I am tired and weak

After a short visit it feels like a long sleep

I get myself stressed out

By people who aint got no clout

But no one can invade My Secret Garden.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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