A Poem # 4

This poem was written around 1994. Blood is thicker than water is an old phrase meaning essentially that your family is most valuable. What I understand now is to beware of any person that tries to separate you from or turn you against your family and friends.

Blood’s Thicker than Water

Blood’s thicker than water they say

It will be tomorrow

And it is today

I never really got the phrase

But now I am starting to understand

Don’t ever abandon your family

For any woman or man

Blood’s thicker than water

I have learned time after time

After time, after time

I have a thought of this line

It is very true

If you believe it you’ll never be blue

Some people don’t believe in the phrase

After a while there will be a price to pay

Maybe not today, but someday

Blood’s thicker than water

I will always say

Because for everything you do wrong

There is a price to pay.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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