A Poem # 5, plus both of my poetry books are on sale

This poem was written around 1994. It’s about not wanting to be person I am, which is a sensitive dreamer. At the time, I was sick of my feelings being hurt and wished I didn’t care so much.

Just Once

My tears are like raindrops falling from my eyes

Sometimes I wish I could hold it inside

My emotions are like the trees swaying side to side

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so afraid

Because as a coward

You won’t go no where, no where

Just once I wish I could be who I am

That’s just a person who don’t give a damn.

Just once I wish I could stop the fantasies

That build up inside strong and true

And then one bad move they go and die

And leave me with no place to hide

Once again my feelings have stopped my progress

When I try to move from bad to good

And take my life beyond the hood

Just once I wish I could be what I am

A non-fantasizing person that don’t give a damn.

© 2021  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

Both of my poetry books are on sale until Wednesday, 10/20! If you haven’t purchased them yet, now is the time. The first one is only 99 cents.




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