Book Review: From Fame To Ruin by Jina Bazzar

It’s been too long since I posted a book review. I’ve been reading, I just haven’t been writing about.

From Fame to Ruin follows the lives of Carol, the heiress of a crumbling business empire and Ricardo, a rock star. The story weaves back and forth between present day and when they met almost four years previously. This kept me reading because the answers I wanted wouldn’t be in the next chapter, but in the chapter after this. It was an unbreakable cycle that had me bingeing the rest of the book once I reached the 70% mark.

This book is more than a romance, if that has you turning your nose up. There is a ton of drama: lawsuits, kidnapping, an arranged marriage, revenge and… murder.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys drama and suspense packed books with a side of romance.

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