A Poem # 15

Here’s a poem I wrote on June 7, 1995 about someone losing a friend. I never shared this poem with anyone, but I wrote this after my classmates lost one of their friends.

Goodbye, My Friend

“How can I go on without you?” I ask

Why has God given me this impossible task?

I try not to

But I have to cry

Why my friend, did you have to die?

I miss you so much

You haven’t been gone very long

I feel like singing every sad song

Everything reminds me of you

I am so blue

People try to comfort me

And be my friend

But I’d rather have you

My friend to the end

But the end has come for us

It doesn’t help to fight

Or fuss

I want to know will we ever meet again?

I wish you were with me, my friend

Tell me how to ease the pain

Tell me how to get out the rain

I try to think of the good times we had

Every time I try to say goodbye to you

I feel so sad

But it is time

I have to let you go

Always remember I love you so

Goodbye, my friend.

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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