A Poem # 17

This poem is appropriate as we close out Black History Month. It was written on December 26, 1995. Caution: This poem contains strong language and imagery.


Trace your roots back

Several centuries ago

There was a slave

She gave all the labor she could

She fought for her freedom and freedom

Of the future children of the world

You give up the freedom

By choosing to trap yourself

In an unworthy hood

Listen girl

You are your own person

You were not put on this earth

To be the doormat of a man

Who really doesn’t give a d*mn

Think back just 65 years

The Great Depression

Caused your grandmother to shed many tears

Look back 30 years

The 60s

The Blacks fought for their rights

And now you think a man

Is a reason to fight

The years when Black men were

Hung from trees

His wife cried and carried on

But eventually she had to get off her knees

And think of herself

Before thinking on anyone else

Think back to the time

When Black women were called n**gers

And now all you can think about is

Your stupid figure

Think of the poor dark skinned girl

Who was called a Black baboon

Or the light skinned girl

With eyes the color of grass

Who met a group of girls darker

Than her

Who kicked her a**

Think of the women

Who get beat by their husbands

Every Saturday night

Who don’t have the strength to fight

Think of women

Who were tortured and raped

Before you look for Superman

Wearing a cape

If there was a Superman

Would he let us live in this hell?

Think about these things

When you call another Black woman

A b*tch

Don’t get jealous if another woman

Gets rich

Trace your bloodline

And you will understand

In time.

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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