A Poem # 23

This poem was written sometime in 1995. It’s one of those poems that still resonates with me.

Lonely Feelings

I feel alone

Like I’m always by myself

Nothing will help

Not even wealth

I have lonely feelings

Dealing with all the b.s. in the world today

I cannot handle the price I am forced to pay

All the tramps and fakes

Work on my nerves

If I had one wish

I would eliminate all my problems

And get rid of these lonely feelings

I wish I could meet someone real

Someone with whom I can just chill

And I know won’t go behind my back

And talk about me

Trying to be a mack

When they are just really wack

Lonely feelings

Lonely feelings

I feel alone

Like I’m always on my own

Lonely feelings

On my mind

All the time.

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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