A Poem # 29

I wrote this poem in late 1994 about the first time Tupac Shakur was shot.

Tupac Shakur

On November 30

As the story says

Tupac Shakur was a little from being dead

The next day

He checked himself out the hospital

Against the doctor’s orders

And went to court

Accused of raping someone’s daughter

He was acquitted, except for one charge

And the payment for this was large

With his Black Panther family tree

All Tupac really wants

Is to be free

With his film and music careers

This self-proclaimed thug

Should have no fears

Tupac is both a victim and symbol of today’s violent climate

Is Tupac’s life imitating his art

Or is he just a young, Black male

Struggling to get through the dark?

Tupac’s music is a cry for help

Turned to a death ear

But how can people listen

If they do not hear?

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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