A Poem # 41

This poem was included in my second poetry book, Asleep and Dreaming.


I’m in a nest of blankets.

I have work to do, but

It can wait until later.

The soft rain outside

And the darkness of the sky

Is lulling me away to sleep.

I can give myself this hour

To just rest and recharge.

What good am I to myself

Or anyone else, actually

If I continue to drag on?

Dreamland is calling, so

I’ll make a short trip.

While the real world

Moves on without me

And I take a small break.

I’ll awake with more energy

And a desire to work again.

My brain will lose its fog

And my focus will come back.

I just need this one hour

To let sleep pull me in

The rain and dark skies call me

I only need a little rest.

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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