A Poem # 43

This poem was written in 1994 about the loss of my cat, Pokey. Sorrow The most sorrowful day of my life That none could take it place I wish my kitty would stay with me But now she is about to die I just had to break down and cry I tried to be stronger… Continue reading A Poem # 43


A Poem # 42

This poem was written around 1993 or 1994. Ex-Bestfriend I thought you were my bestfriend But I guess I was wrong This little acting part has Been going on for too long When you think you know someone They just go and change In your heart you know things will never be the same Ex-bestfriend… Continue reading A Poem # 42


A Poem # 38

Here's a short poem that was written somewhere around 1996. Music Piano With a steady beat Soothing, Slow music A storm is here Distant thunder Rain pouring Sad, Lonely, Dark, Mellow Music. © 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed this poem and want to support an independent writer, please consider purchasing… Continue reading A Poem # 38