A Poem # 45

This poem was written around 1994. I Miss You I sit on my couch And out of the blue I think of you Where are you now? I wonder every day I miss you so much Don't you have the courage to keep in touch? I never wanted to hurt you I just wanted to… Continue reading A Poem # 45


A Poem # 44

Here's a poem that I wrote in 1994. This is one of those that still resonates with me. "Get On With Your Life" Turn over the old dirt Start with the fresh and new "Get on with your life" People tell me But I can't not without you Get away from the past Your life… Continue reading A Poem # 44


A Poem # 38

Here's a short poem that was written somewhere around 1996. Music Piano With a steady beat Soothing, Slow music A storm is here Distant thunder Rain pouring Sad, Lonely, Dark, Mellow Music. © 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved. If you enjoyed this poem and want to support an independent writer, please consider purchasing… Continue reading A Poem # 38