A Poem #1

So as of last week, I posted a year's worth of poems. I decided to start a new group this week. This poem was written around 1993. I tried to make hanging out in my basement with my cats sound poetic. 😺 This is from the era when I first started writing poetry seriously. Secret… Continue reading A Poem #1

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🥚How did that end up in my eye?🥚

An eyelash in the eye is uncomfortable.  Anything else is excruciating.  I cannot fully explain the story of how I ended up with a pigeon’s egg in my eye, but I’ll try.  It was a warm day, and I was riding my tricycle in the backyard.  I was around 4 years old.  My mother was… Continue reading 🥚How did that end up in my eye?🥚


A Poem – Week Forty-Nine and My New Poetry Book is Available(!)

This poem was written on July 31, 1997. Time Is Short and The Water Rises Life is short and sweet, So you have to move on There is no time to waste We have to move on Before the water covers our heads And everything will be over Because time is short And the water… Continue reading A Poem – Week Forty-Nine and My New Poetry Book is Available(!)


💃🏾Flashback Friday – I’ll Never Dance Again💃🏾

I mentioned before that I was a dramatic teenager. I have to admit that I was also a dramatic child. Growing up, one of my favorite activities was dancing. I never had lessons, beyond one summer of tap, so I was mostly self-taught. I particularly loved trying to imitate Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul and Madonna.… Continue reading 💃🏾Flashback Friday – I’ll Never Dance Again💃🏾