#Flashback Friday – Weekly Reader Books

Besides Barbie Magazine, (I need to write a post about that.) there was another thing I looked forward to receiving in the mail every month: my box of Weekly Reader books.  For those not familiar with this magical box, it was a subscription of books based on the child's age.  I would stop playing just so I could… Continue reading #Flashback Friday – Weekly Reader Books

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Toni Morrison

I've been struggling to write this post.  I've arranged and rearranged the words in my head but cannot seem to find the ones worthy of this phenomenal woman. My introduction to Toni Morrison was during the summer after 7th grade, which was the summer I pretty much spent on the front porch reading.  I read… Continue reading Toni Morrison


#Flashback Friday – The Baby-Sitters Club Book Series

Image Credit: Once upon a time, one of my mother's friends gave my sister and I an amazing gift: at least 200 books.  Her daughter had outgrown them, so she passed them onto us.  Among them were the first 50 books from The Baby-Sitters Club series.  I started reading them that summer and I was hooked. … Continue reading #Flashback Friday – The Baby-Sitters Club Book Series