Why I stopped my shopaholic ways

The Mountain (And not that guy from Game of Thrones) The mountain of clothes that looked like they were about to break my bed was the huge flashing sign that I had too much stuff.  I read the section of Marie Kondo’s book about clothes.  I didn’t have time to read the rest of the… Continue reading Why I stopped my shopaholic ways


How I Plan My Wardrobe

Recently, I have found it to be very helpful to have my ideal wardrobe visually presented in a way that I can not only reference for later, but also see how the potential pieces work together.  It helps me to notice a few things about the fashions I like. Is there a pattern?  This year,… Continue reading How I Plan My Wardrobe


How I prepare my wardrobe for the new season

I usually rotate my wardrobe twice a year (winter to spring and summer to autumn).  I look forward to this because I am usually tired of most of my clothes by the time a season ends.  I used to donate the clothes I knew I didn’t want, put the off-season clothes I was keeping in… Continue reading How I prepare my wardrobe for the new season