🤬Flashback Friday – 6-year old potty mouth🤬

Do you remember the character on Tiny Toons, Foulmouth? He was a rooster that used language that had to be beeped out of the cartoon. When I was six, I was a lot like that rooster, without the benefit of censors. After my father's death, I rebelled against his strict parenting. I decided to use… Continue reading 🤬Flashback Friday – 6-year old potty mouth🤬


🍟Flashback Friday – Fries over guys🍟

One recurring misconception about me is that I have a crush on french fries or that french fries are my boyfriend. Yes, I love french fries. I enjoy the salty crunch of a nicely cooked fry, but I don't want to date them. It's weird that I have to say that. The first time I… Continue reading 🍟Flashback Friday – Fries over guys🍟