A Poem – Week Forty-Eight

This poem, written on November 18, 1996, is a companion piece to the recently posted poem, Self-Hate. Self-Love Today's the day I'll be all I can be Today's the day I'll stand up for me No more falling in the shadow trap I'll reach the top And achieve my goals I will never stop Working… Continue reading A Poem – Week Forty-Eight


Blood, sweat and poetry

I was up last night at 2 a.m. writing poetry. The words don't always come to me, but when they do, I have to write them down. I woke up around 8 a.m. and looked at what I wrote. It's a good thing I captured the words last night because I don't even remember having… Continue reading Blood, sweat and poetry

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Free poetry e-book in exchange for an honest review

Hello all readers and bloggers. I still need a few volunteers. It only takes about a half hour to read my book. My book has been purchased, but no one has left a review on it yet. I would like to offer a free e-book to anyone willing to offer an honest review on it.… Continue reading Free poetry e-book in exchange for an honest review