Flashback Friday – Getting my hair washed was a battle

My hair has always been very thick, except when I was a baby and had very little hair. I hated to have my hair washed because it seriously felt like my mother was trying to drown me in the sink. I would fight her the entire time and we both would end up drenched by the end of it.

I would think my mother should have had more empathy considering she had the same hair type as me. She told me stories about how she hated when her mother washed her hair, but I guess this must be a form of a generational curse.

The shampoo that existed then did not help the situation. My hair would end up a brittle, tangled and puffy mess that would unwillingly be coaxed into ponytails. The entire process was awful. My scalp used to hurt by the end of it.

This was first grade. The amount of effort it took to have these 2 little ponytails is ridiculous.

I learned to enjoy washing my hair. Once I found products that left my hair soft and tangle free, I found it to be a pleasant process.

Question: What was something you gave your parents a hard time about? Bedtime? Baths? Eating your vegetables?

Also, my second book of poetry is available in ebook form, with the paperback coming soon.

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4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Getting my hair washed was a battle

  1. Ahaha, I used to have the same problem, and yes, my mom used to say her mom did the same to her too. I guess it’s really a curse, since I’m suffering the same with my daughter now.
    Congrats on the publications!

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