Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn!

pexels-photo-433527.jpegToday (May 4th) would have been the 89th birthday of one of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn.  I’ve been a huge fan on hers since I first watched her in Charade, which is still one of my favorite movies.  She and Cary Grant have such an amazing chemistry.  No matter how many times I watch that movie (and I have watched it several times), I still enjoy their dynamic.

Audrey is probably best known for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and her award winning performance in Roman Holiday, but she is featured in more movies that are noteworthy.

  • The Children’s Hour – This movie was ahead of its time and controversial when it was released in 1961.  Audrey and Shirley MacLaine play teachers who are accused of being lesbians by a student.  Audrey gives an understated, yet powerful performance.
  • Two For The Road – This movie explores the relationship of a couple (Audrey and Albert Finney) through various road trips throughout the years.  Audrey is at her sassiest and the costumes are amazing.’
  • Wait Until Dark – I watched this for the first time today and I was mesmerized. Audrey plays a blind woman who is terrorized by a group of men looking for the drugs that are hidden in her apartment.

Audrey is remembered for her movies and her style, but she should be recognized for her humanitarian work with UNICEF as well.  Happy birthday, Audrey!


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