A poem – Week Six


This week’s poem is about keeping a secret that is exposed by another person, not the person keeping the secret.  This poem is fiction and from a time where I tried to write at least a poem per week.  I used to run out of ideas, so I would use song titles or book titles as inspiration.  If I remember correctly, The Secret’s title was inspired by a short story.


The Secret

I wish I had not

Kept a secret before

It closed many doors

It was perfect

Then our relationship

Fell completely apart

The secret was told

And it crushed your heart

I said I was sorry

But you turned away

I thought our love

Would last always

If I could take it back

I surely would

I would not break

Your heart if I could

I would tell the secret

That ruined our lives

I would change everything

And take away your pain.


© 2018  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.


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