A Poem – Week Thirty-One

This poem was written on July 28, 1995. It seems to struggle with which situation is worse: being hurt by love or never being loved at all. If I can say anything about my younger self, it would be I was intense.

Longing For Love

The things I feel

Inside myself

Will never come to light

There is too much pain

Blocking the dreams

For coming true for me

I cannot open my heart

It has been broken and bruised

Far too many times

My eyes could not stand

Another tear to fall

At the same time,

My heart cannot stand

To be completely alone.

I have never felt special enough

Never felt I was the only one

My loves are always one-sided

And leave me feeling empty inside

I cannot be cold

I refuse to close my heart

But at the same time

My broken spirit cannot take much more

Do I not deserve to be loved

And cherished for the rest of my life?

I want someone

To tenderly take my heart into their hands

I just want to know

What love feels like

Before my tears stop

My heart shatters

And my loving side passes away.

If you liked this poem, you might be interested in my collection of poetry. It contains poems that have not been featured on this blog. It is now available as a paperback or e-book.


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