A Poem # 27

This poem was written on January 17, 1996.


In the sea of life

I seem to slip under the tide

But Lord knows it’s the only safe place to hide

I try to hold my breath

And do a smooth sail

Until I reach the point

When I exhale

I feel slightly dizzy

As the oxygen stops going to my head

Could it be worse

To be dead?

Sometimes I can reach the beach

But other times it’s just out of reach

Without a struggle

There is no progress

So I have to suffer

With this distress

Too strong to be weak

Too weak to be strong

I hope I don’t have to hold on for long

I’m no damsel in distress

So I should give it a rest

I will end up under or above the tide

Whichever will be my place to ride.

© 2022  Dimples and Grins.  All Rights Reserved.

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